September 7th Writing Prompt: Troll

When crossing an old bridge, a traveler is set upon by a fearsome troll. After begging for his life, the traveler is given good news. The troll will let him live and pass if the traveler completes a challenge.

Ideas and questions:

The challenge doesn’t have to be one of physical strength. Perhaps the troll has a riddle for the traveler.
It’s possible that the challenge far outweighs the need for the traveler to pass the bridge. In this case, maybe the traveler will simply try to escape.

Does the troll wish to give the traveler a truly difficult task, knowing they’ll fail?
Is it possible that the troll wants something that they cannot achieve on their own? Maybe the traveler can help the troll accomplish something.
Is the troll goodnatured, with only its outward appearances making the traveler worried?


Perhaps the traveler doesn’t travel alone. In this challenge to you, the writer, perhaps the troll sets the same challenge for each of those who wish to cross. Write about this experience.

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