August 31st Writing Prompt: Translation

A scholar has a hobby that includes delving into vast and dangerous ruins, looking for all kinds of antiquities and treasures. On their latest trek they find a book that has been magically enchanted to allow them to read any language. What do they do with this newfound talent?

Ideas and questions:

Just because you can read any language doesn’t mean you should. Perhaps with the ability to read ancient runic writings, the scholar accidentally reads the rites to a terrible curse.
Gaining this new ability could be bittersweet. The scholar might have a great new power, but they could also remember and regret all the times they wanted to read a different language and couldn’t.

Does the newfound talent spread among people who need information translated? Is it dangerous for the scholar to let this information get out in the world?
How protective of the power is the scholar? If they received the gift from the book, what do they do with the book to keep the power from other people (or to share the wealth)?
Did the scholar discover the book on their own, or did they travel with other members of a party? How might that affect their relationship?


When the scholar went into the ruins, they saw etchings on the walls that didn’t seem like writing at the time, but now that they can understand any language—even the most cryptic—they know what is written on the walls. Write about their reaction.

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