September 28th Writing Prompt: Falling

The tallest, broadest cordus tree on a floating island has finally withered. These majestic trees hold the power to keep small expanses of earth aloft, but with this one’s passing, the island cannot stay airborne any longer. What do residents of the island do to prepare for the island’s fall?

Ideas and questions:

Perhaps other cordus trees helped to keep the island aloft, and separating the island could help to stop its descent.
The trees could be an ancient magic that the people relied on, but they’ve been coming up with alternatives for a long time as they noticed the large tree beginning to wither.

Do the residents have any other means to fly or get around? Do they have wings, flying ships, or magic?
Did the people who live on the island know that it was going to fall, or was the tree’s death sudden and unexpected?
Do any of the people atop the island think there is any way to stop the descent of the island?


Write about a quest to rejuvenate the tree, and the challenges and deadline that befall the would-be heroes who undertake the task.

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