September 21st Writing Prompt: Book

Sometimes it feels like a storyteller can fit an entire world inside a book. Recently, it seems just such a thing has been discovered. While going through an old library, a historian finds a book that contains a real world—every time they open a page, they see a different part of this strange realm, and they can watch as life unfolds within. Write about someone else’s experience witnessing this for the first time.

Ideas and questions:

Perhaps it isn’t just one book that has life inside of it. Maybe two books are at war with one another!

Was the book written by someone before life arrived within, or was it built from the ground up by the inhabitants?
Can anything be done to communicate with the realm within the book? Can messages be sent to the residents within somehow?
Are the residents of the world inside the book aware of the world outside of it? Or are they just as surprised when the pages move from one sheet to another?
Is there some way for someone to enter or exit the book?


Perhaps it is not just the book that is magical, but the library itself. Write about a situation where the historian begins to find other books that are not quite what someone would expect.

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