October 5th Writing Prompt: Depart

When youths of an island town come of age, they are sent to the mainland for a year, to learn with a master and follow adventure. One of the townsfolk has reached that age, and doesn’t want to depart the island. What measures will they take to avoid being brought to the mainland, and will they succeed?

Ideas and questions:

If the person who is coming of age is fearful, there might be some reason rooted behind it. Maybe not all the people who went to the mainland returned after their given year.
Perhaps young love compels the person to stay, and they don’t want to leave someone they’ve fallen for.

When does the person who has come of age plan on enacting their plan?
Why doesn’t the person want to leave their island—or is it a matter of not wanting to go to the mainland for some reason?
Does the person know any other townsfolk who are willing to assist them in their endeavors to avoid the involuntary exile?


Write about a plan that the departing individual makes, and demonstrate what happens when the plan either comes to fruition, or falls apart spectacularly.

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