October 12th Writing Prompt: Mercenary

A renowned mercenary is so good at their job that money really holds no meaning to them anymore. Instead, they give very specific requests to those who seek out their services, and these requests border on the insane. Write about someone who pleas for the mercenary’s help, and what they want in return for their service.

Ideas and questions:

Perhaps even reaching the mercenary has become a trial these days, as they are interested in only delivering their time and skills to someone worthy of them.
it’s possible that the mercenary doesn’t even need to make the requests, and they only do so because they want to be left alone. Those that impress them with ingenuity and perseverance instead of leaving everything to others gain the mercenary’s attention and praise.

Is the mercenary’s latest request based on a need the mercenary has, or is it something that was specifically asked of the person who wants their service based on who they are?
Does the mercenary know the person who is asking for their services? And does that influence the mercenary’s request?


Write about a request that seems ridiculous on the surface, yet comes together in a meaningful, interesting way by the story’s end.

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