October 30th Writing Prompt: Minotaur

Minotaurs are said to be excellent guards of fantastic places and incredible relics. Write about a curious minotaur who is enthralled with the artifact they’re committed to protect, and what unfolds when they interact with it.

Ideas and questions:

Perhaps it is more than just being taken by the artifact. Perhaps the minotaur actually takes it! You could explore what would happen in a situation where the minotaur is the one who steals the treasure, and what would transpire subsequent to that.
The treasure itself might play a big part in the story, not necessarily because of what it can do, but because of its personality. You might be able to make the relic a sentient one, and it could be toying with the minotaur, or trying to seduce it with dark powers.

Is the minotaur destined to watch over this relic, or have they been hired to do so. If something were to happen to either the treasure or the location, would someone be cross with the minotaur?
In the process of their bewitchment, does the minotaur fail to keep would-be intruders out of their labyrinth—or whatever location they are meant to protect?
Does the minotaur just want to “take the artifact for a spin”? Does the desire to hold onto it increase with every second they have control of it thereafter?


Just because one minotaur has been tasked to guard the relic, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other protectors. Write about characters who are at once tempted and committed to protecting the relic, and what the addition of another curious guard might add to the situation.

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