October 23rd Writing Prompt: Orc

The orcs of Tellest are known for their vigor, their strength and their desire for glorious battle. Most orcs perish at the end of a blade or a club, fighting for what they believe in. But what happens to an orc whose fighting days are behind them? Write about an orc who has earned a respite, and what they do with their time.

Ideas and questions:

Perhaps after countless years of destruction and removing life from the world, the orc is looking forward to the art of creation. They might take up a skill, like carpentry, or blacksmithing. Perhaps the art of creating weaponry or armor for the next generation of warriors keeps them close to their history without involving them in it as much.
Maybe the orc was not ready to stop fighting, but had to, due to age or injury. You could explore an orc who lost the ability to join in combat, and reluctantly returned home.

Did this orc always want a life of battle, or did they have hobbies or interests that they enjoyed prior to picking up a weapon?
Though a life of battle initiated by the orc may be behind them, they might have left chaos in their wake. Is there anyone who is after the orc in revenge for something they might have done before?
Does the orc have a family that they are trying to spend more time with now that a possible opportunity has arrived? Or, if they don’t have a family, does this newfound respite offer them a chance to explore that, and possibly find someone to settle down with?


When all the battles one faced stop unexpectedly, they still might be unable to escape them. Is the respite that the orc expects really there, or are they always lured back to thinking about their time fighting?

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