November 6th Writing Prompt: Gnoll

The gnolls of Tellest are quick to anger and as fierce as they come. Oftentimes, a decision comes to a head when roaming packs converge on one area, and enter brutal contests of strength. Write about an instance where two gnoll champions come to blows about a decision. What is at stake, and who wins?

Ideas and questions:

Though the prompt describes a “come to blows”, that doesn’t necessarily have to mean your gnolls are strictly martial in their combat prowess. Perhaps you’re dealing with clerics, magi, or any other sort of adventurer archetype that you desire.
Gnolls are reminiscent of hyenas, who are nothing if not ready when opportunity strikes. It is possible that there would be no honor to be found in an eventual battle between these two factions. But that doesn’t mean that both parties would be aware of the first blow to be struck.

Had these two gnoll champions met one another before? If so, is there some history between them? If not, have either of them heard about the other’s reputation?
Was the area that they converged on a matter of life and death, a strategic matter, or something else entirely?
In an instance where one loses, is the consequence death, or is it possible that there could be some other sort of punishment, like exile from the losing gnoll’s group. Does this allow you to fashion a follow-up at a later time?


A battle can be more interesting if the combatants have a personal tie with one another. Challenge yourself to write about gnolls who once knew each other, but went their separate ways, and must now fight one another to preserve their part in the hierarchy of their respective groups. Perhaps they were friends in their youth. Perhaps they were more.

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