January 17th Writing Prompt: Portal

Someone has just stepped through a portal from present-day Earth into the world of Tellest. The people on the other side expected them. Write about how they welcome them.

(Visit Tellest for some ideas)

Ideas and questions:

Maybe the portal is always open, but in a place no one expects, or there are special parameters needed in order to see it.
Perhaps the person from Earth didn’t intend on going through the portal, but something compels them.
Just because the person on the other side was waiting for them doesn’t mean they have good intentions.

How was the portal discovered? Was it someone who was looking to find some way to magic, or was it completely by accident?
What kind of portal is it that the person steps through? Was it a part of a book, some strange faerie ring, or a magical doorway that opened between two stone pillars?
How did the other person know to expect the traveler from Earth? Was it part of a prophecy, or do they somehow have their hands in our world?


Write about the resident of Tellest expecting them, but not quite getting what they expected of the new visitor.

Monthly Contest

Every third Monday of the month, Fantasy Writing Prompts is going to be running a monthly contest for all aspiring writers. In order to enter this month, writers must write a story of at least 1,000 words that follows the prompt above. Note: you do not have to abide by the ideas or challenges, but you must follow the story line of the prompt. Link to your work in the comment section of this prompt by the 10th of February. After that, all entries will be reviewed, and a winner will be chosen, with that entrant’s story featured on the site.

This month’s prize will be a $15 gift card to Amazon.

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