October 19th Writing Prompt: Crypt

The locals talk about the local graveyard in hushed whispers. They’ve warned their children to avoid it like the plague—especially the crypt at its center. But when several of the children venture into the dank, dark place, they realize that it’s no simple construction. It goes on for what seems like miles. What is the purpose of this dreadful place, and what happens to the children?

Ideas and questions:

Perhaps the crypt was strategically placed to harness some energy that the locals felt coming up from the catacombs.
Maybe bad things happened to the locals until they stopped venturing in and around the crypt, so they bear their warnings out of superstition.
The locals may have issued warnings to hide the crypt’s strategic benefits from those who would spread the secrets of what they would find inside.

Do the adult locals know about the strange endless catacombs beneath the crypt?
Is the crypt dangerous to the children, or is it perhaps that the adults were protecting the crypt from them for some reason?
Does the crypt connect to anywhere in particular?
Were the catacombs connecting to the crypt there first, or were they constructed unnaturally after the crypt was erected?


Write about at least two children who have differing views about progressing further into the crypt and what happens between them.

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