March 14th Writing Prompt: Gift

There is a landscape in the kingdom known as The Gift. Rumors are that in olden times, a knight made a special offering to their one true love, and in doing so, the land was enthralled in magic. Write about a scholar who finds more details about this occasion. What was the gift, and what was it for?

Ideas and questions:

A great many things can change over the course of time. Perhaps the land wasn’t affiliated with the current kingdom, and had instead changed hands over generations.
The story of the knight and their lover could have been a bit of a fairy tale meant to distract from the real happenings. Perhaps the truth has a darker origin.
The magic could have been given to the region by a noble sacrifice, or due to the creation of new life.

How does the scholar find out more information? Was something of the knight or their lover unearthed and turned in to the researcher?
Are the rumors true, or did the land earn its magic in some other way? Was the relationship between the knight and their lover accurate, or was it some other sort of bond that they had?


Show the scholar receiving a clue that sets them on their newest leap down the proverbial rabbit hole. Allow the clue to lead them to another one, and then another, until a stunning revelation is made!

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