January 31st Writing Prompt: Time

The local villagers can’t contain their excitement. A traveler has decided to stay at the inn, and they’re anything but ordinary. This visitor has the ability to hold an object in their hand, and can see the events that surrounded that object at any time in its history. What happens when people show up in droves to put this traveler’s claims to the test?

Ideas and questions:

Perhaps the traveler begins using their talent to make money off of the people who come to see them.
If the story is taking place in an inn, there might be a bard or a scribe there to chronicle their visions in interesting ways.
If someone receives bad news, they might drive the story more than the traveler does.

Is there a specific item that drives the story, or does it present as a quick montage of divinations?
Does the traveler like the attention they attract, or do they try to shy away from it?
What would happen if someone placed something in the traveler’s hand without their expecting it?
Does the traveler usually tell people what they see regardless of the content of their visions, or do they try to protect people from the darker revelations they might see?


Perhaps the way that the traveler divines the events of the past are unlike the way we see things with our own eyes. Explore a different way that the traveler experiences the history of the objects.

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