February 21st Writing Prompt: Kobold

Kobolds, the anthropomorphic canine race of Tellest, are known for their undying loyalty. Write about an instance where a kobold goes above and beyond for a friend.

Ideas and questions:

The kobolds of Tellest come in all different sizes (think of all the sorts of dog breeds you know, and chances are there’s an equivalent breed of Tellestian kobold). This might affect the challenges and tribulations the kobold goes through for their friend.
The friend to the kobold in this story doesn’t necessarily have to be another kobold. It could be another fantasy race, or even an animal or creature that they treasure over anybody else.

Is there any danger present to the kobold in order for them to help their friend, or is it still a relatively benign task set out before them?
Is the relationship one-sided, or is the friend the kind of person who would do the same for the kobold?


Write about a tremendous journey the kobold must go on in order to see their task completed for their friend.


The term “kobold” in this case comes from the world of Tellest. Kobolds are anthropomorphic canines from that written universe.

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