August 24th Writing Prompt: Avarian

A tribe of birdfolk treat the criminals of their kind with grave consequences: they pluck out the feathers of those who they determine are irredeemable. Write about one such instance of this occurring. Was the punishment deserved? How does the person plan to live on with their entire life changed?

Ideas and questions:

Perhaps there is more to the punishment than simply the plucking of the feathers. Perhaps they leave the excommunicated avarian on a mesa, and without their wings, survival is even more difficult.
You can explore the story through the eyes of another avarian besides the one is to be punished. You might want to explore the reactions of a family member, an accomplice, or even the real criminal.
If you like, you can take the story back to the trial of the accused, and see the reaction of them realizing their fate.

Is this birdfolk actually guilty of the crimes that the tribe accuses them of?
Does the gender of the punished have any effect on how the punishment is given or what transpires afterward?


Write your story from the perspective of knowing the avarian is guilty, and then let the story sit for a while. Then, introduce a counterpoint that exonerates the poor birdfolk.


The term “avarian” comes from the world of Tellest. Avarians are any member of the various tribes of birdfolk from that written universe.

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