August 17th Writing Prompt: Control – Monthly Contest

While scouring a crumbling, ancient stretch of ruins, a treasure hunter happens upon an old gauntlet that sits upon a cracked stone pedestal. A chiseled plaque upon the pedestal describes the magic item, saying that it gives the wielder “control over…” something. The rest of the description is illegible. What does someone experience if they first don the gauntlet?

Ideas and questions:

Perhaps the gauntlet is in fact cursed, and the control over something would have been intentionally designed to misinform.
The gauntlet could give control over something but not to the level that the wielder might expect. It could be only small inferences, or it could be immense power that might be too much to handle.

Does the treasure hunter blindly take the gauntlet, or do they bring it to someone to identify its magical powers?
Is the treasure hunter alone? Perhaps they’re scouting the ruins with the rest of their party, and they happen upon it first. How do things change regarding their demeanor once they get this new power?


In this challenge, the point of view will take place from the sentient gauntlet itself. Write your story as if the gauntlet is reaching out to a wielder to find use yet again.

Monthly Contest

Every third Monday of the month, Fantasy Writing Prompts is going to be running a monthly contest for all aspiring writers. In order to enter this month, writers must write a story of at least 1,000 words that follows the prompt above. Note: you do not have to abide by the ideas or challenges, but you must follow the story line of the prompt. Link to your work in the comment section of this prompt by the 10th of September. After that, all entries will be reviewed, and a winner will be chosen, with that entrant’s story featured on the site.

This month’s prize will be a $30 gift card to Amazon.

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