August 10th Writing Prompt: Ideal

An alchemist has spent their entire life creating what they call “the perfect potion.” All they have to do is pour the contents onto an object, and it becomes the perfect version of that item, as per the user’s wishes. Who ends up using the potion, and what do they use it on? What perfect object do they create?

Ideas and questions:

The alchemist could have worked all his life creating this to use it himself, but if he knows the ingredients, perhaps he’s ready to start sharing with other people.
The intended recipient of the potion might not be the one who ends up with it, especially if other people have heard of the alchemist’s endeavors.

If you’re also looking to explore the alchemist’s backstory, how long did it take him to perfect this concoction? What effects did his previous potions have?
How does the alchemist know this mix will work? How does he prove it to someone who might be planning on purchasing or trading for it?
Why was this the alchemist’s life’s work? Was there something that he was trying to improve, or did he have some strange inspiration?


Write about something that is made perfect, and somehow leaves the user less than satisfied.

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