July 6th Writing Prompt: Dwarf

The dwarves of Tellest have a unique interpretation of those born with innate magical talent.  If a dwarf exhibits a power, they are made the king or queen of their own clan, and forced out of the one they knew.  Explore this concept with a dwarf who is discovering their power for the first time.

Ideas and questions:

If the dwarf is close with their family, perhaps they are worried about the strain it will put on them to leave the clan.
If the dwarf is a loner, perhaps they would consider keeping their power a secret so that they don’t draw extra attention to themself.

What kind of effect does the gender of the dwarf learning about their power have on the story?
Does the dwarf discover their power while they are alone, or are they with other members of their society?
Is the dwarf excited or fearful of the impending change they are going to experience?


Write about a dwarf who demonstrates their power in front of another of his clan without planning to. What transpires as the dwarf urges the witness not to spread the word before they’re ready?

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