July 13th Writing Prompt: Villain

A mean-spirited trickster has a terrible gift: they can take one look at someone and know their truest weakness. This villain is en route to a nearby village, looking to cause a little chaos. Some of the villagers have already taken their dearest belongings and fled into the wilderness. What do those who remained behind have in store for them?

Ideas and questions:

Perhaps the trickster isn’t truly evil, but likes to sow discontent and mischief, finding that harassing the villagers is more entertaining than anything.
The villagers took their belongings and ran away—maybe the trickster is after something specific, and he exploits the villagers’ weakness in order to gain access to an item from one of their homes.

Whose perspective do you write this story from—the trickster or a villager who stayed behind?
Is anyone brave enough to try and stand up to the trickster?
What kind of weaknesses will you show the trickster exploiting?


Write about someone who had to stay behind against their better judgement, and what they do to prepare for the trickster’s arrival.

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