July 27th Writing Prompt: Gremlin

The gremlins of Tellest are known for their penchant for mischief. Write about a plan that went awry because a gremlin just couldn’t stifle their nature.

Ideas and questions:

Gremlins typically like to play and tinker with mechanical items. Perhaps you can work that into your tale.
Your story can take place in a variety of places. Gremlins have their own communities, certainly, but they also spend time in cities with goblins and trolls, where they find themselves being the smallest and most vulnerable.

What kind of plan is the gremlin trying to carry out? Is it world-shattering? Is it a small, intimate scheme?
Does anyone else know of the plan, or is just the gremlin who is putting the ideas together?
What kind of obstacles will the gremlin face? Is there a villain whose reach the gremlin must overcome? Is the gremlin the villain?


Just because it went awry doesn’t mean it wasn’t successful. Write about the plan unraveling still, but allow your gremlin to bumble through to find some measure of achievement nonetheless.

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