September 4th Writing Prompt: Naga

Tellest’s naga are known for being vicious and tenacious. They’re fiercely protective of their homes, and known for their expansionism. Write about a tribe of naga that eschews these stereotypes, and not only doesn’t fall to the brink of war with other races, but welcomes them and finds some comfortable middle ground with them.

Ideas and questions:

A good reason for cooperation between two races could be survival. Perhaps trade is involved, and another race trades with the naga in order for both to have a more comfortable standing within the world.
There are a variety of naga that you can think about using for your story. Some might dwell primarily in the water, while others could call the land their home.
One way to force two (or more people) to band together is to give them a common enemy. You could write about a creature or another race who are not as friendly with the other people of the region.

If you were going to write about these races, would you focus on the sort of demographics between the two races, or would you boil the story down to look at just one or two members of a few races?
How close is the relationship between the naga and their neighbors? Are they just hospitable to one another? Are they friendly? Is it possible that there are feelings that expand further than that?


Write your story from the perspective of a younger naga who is coming to learn about the relationship with their neighbors, and why it is important for them to maintain it going forward.

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