October 2nd Writing Prompt: Clothes

A tailor has been hard at work developing a new outfit for a local lord. They’ve used very special fabric from a forest where the silkworms that live there occasionally show some signs of magical ability. In a strange turn of events, their silk has retained its magic. What happens to the outfit?

Ideas and questions:

There is no shortage of ideas that you can apply to the magic effects of the outfit. You could turn the lord into a strange superhero with his magical suit. Or you could essentially write a quirky comedy, where the outfit glows or begins to smell in certain circumstances.
You can go so far as making it so that the lord dons the outfit at a special event, where he is set upon by his enemies, and the outfit he wears protects him from a vicious stab. In that case, the tailor might be handsomely rewarded.

Does the tailor learn of the magical effects of the outfit before giving it to the lord? Or do they discover the effects alongside their important client?
Is there a mad rush to get to the forest again once the tailor learns of the magical ability of the silkworms, and how it transfers to the garments he makes? Is it possible that the enthusiasm toward the forest puts it in danger?
Does the tailor source the material themselves, or do they hire someone to harvest the silk?


Get wacky with it. Have it so that every garment that the tailor worked on as part of the outfit has some different sort of magical effect. Perhaps a single boot allows the lord to fly, and a cloak leaves trails of ash behind. Let your imagination wander as you think of some very strange magical adjustments!

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