July 24th Writing Prompt: Caravan

When traveling along a route they’ve traveled many times before, one of the wagons is cut off from the rest, leaving only a driver and a pair of mercenaries to protect it. What caused the separation, and what must be done to bring the caravan back together again?

Ideas and questions:

Perhaps this is the first time that one of the mercenaries is providing support for the caravan. That might lead to some feelings of distrust for the driver, or even the other mercenary.
If the caravan was separated in a dangerous locale, it might stand to reason that they people who were left behind must use any means necessary to survive. Perhaps there are items in the caravan that they can use for their survival.

Was the separation intentional, and was it planned? If so, was this scheme put into action by someone close to the caravan, or was it perhaps the work of highwaymen or someone else who wanted something that was alleged to be traveling with the caravan?
Beyond the vehicles of the caravan, are there any important connections that exist? Are there any relationships that are put to the test due to the separation?


Write your story from multiple perspectives, exploring the experiences of those who were cut off, and those who may believe that parts of the caravan are lost forever.

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