July 10th Writing Prompt: Alcohol

An adventurer who lost everything nurses their pain with alcohol. One day, they discover that spirits no longer have any effect on them. How do they cope with this?

Ideas and questions:

Perhaps the adventurer sees the inability to become inebriated as a sign of divinity. If that was the case, it may be that they see new purpose in their life, and try to seek out some new task or quest.
It is also possible that greed leads the adventurer to utilize their new change of state in some less savory ways. If they know that they can drink to excess without outward consequences, would they perhaps try to partake in drinking contests that they knew they would not be able to lose?
It is also possible that the adventurer finds themselves in even greater disarray, and seeks greater ways to numb themselves. Perhaps they start with stronger spirits before they expand to other, more dangerous means of respite.

Does the change in their ability to dull their senses devastate the adventurer, or does it give them a new lease on life?
If they were dulling their senses to escape something, does the adventurer now have to deal with whatever they were running from?


Write your story as if the adventurer begins to acclimate to their new changes. Then, thinking that they have control of this new life they are leading, they find that the change was only temporary—it is then up to you to determine if the character returns to a state of numbness, or chooses this new moment to remove themselves from the life they lived before.

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