January 15th Writing Prompt: Aura

A would-be arcanist arrives at the wizard academy, eager to learn some basic magic. Upon meeting with them, their mentors learn something about the fledgling arcanist instead. They can see the aura of the people they meet, with the color denoting their emotions. How do they utilize this talent?

Ideas and questions:

The concept of an aura could mean that the aspiring arcanist has a form of divination. They could see whether someone has a penchant for doing good, or they could see when someone is bound for darkness.
The aura could mean something else entirely as well. Because the aura that the aspirant sees is related to the person’s emotions, it could just make for a potential way to help the person if they are suffering in silence. If someone is angry, the aspirant could help them learn ways to control it. If they are sad, they could think of scenarios that would raise their spirits.
The news of this unexpected power could cause unrest among the wizards. Whether there is ill will behind the concerns, it could raise the question of whether the aspirant should even be allowed to attend the academy.

Do stronger wizards have the ability to control their own auras? And if they can control it, are they able to change the color, or just have the aura diminish or disappear altogether?
Is there anyone in the academy whose aura causes the aspirant to worry? Do they pass this information on to the head wizards of the facility, or do they try to gather more information on their own?


A talent like this is very rare, and the wizards of the academy are nothing if not scholarly in their pursuits. Write about a scenario in which the wizards wish to tap into the new aspirant’s ability. Discover what they are trying to accomplish, and determine if they are successful.

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