December 18th Writing Prompt: Weapon

War is coming to the kingdom, and the monarch is prepared for the worst. They are considering a conditional surrender to ensure the safety of their people, but one of their advisors asks for a chance to show them a weapon they’ve been working on. What is this weapon, and how will it change the tide of battle and save the kingdom?

Ideas and questions:

The weapon could be a traditional one, like a sword or an axe, or it could be something different in concept. For instance, it could be a powerful artifact that was fashioned by mages, or it could be a mechanical wonder that might lead the monarch’s army to victory.
Great weapons have the potential of doing more than just convincing opposition to stand down. Tremendous power can lead people down a dark path, and might mean that mere survival isn’t what the monarch and their advisors would be satisfied with after the weapon comes into their hands.
The existence of the weapon can mean that it becomes a sought-after item for all time. The kingdom might have to protect it from would-be thieves, or even shield its existence to prevent a duplicate from being made.

Does the weapon require just one person to wield it? Or does it need many people to man it and have it work? Does it need anyone at all?
Does the monarch definitively decide to use the weapon? If they do not, do they face mutiny amongst their officers and advisors?


The greatest victories sometimes require the greatest sacrifices. Write a story about this weapon, but include the notion that someone must wield it or activate it, and might suffer permanent consequences because of it.

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