August 7th Writing Prompt: Kaja

A kaja—a member of a feline humanoid race—is on the prowl in the wilderness when it hears something nearby. Due to its natural curiosity, the kaja is drawn to the noise. What transpires as the kaja draws closer to the mysterious sound? Remember, while curious, kaja are also typically fearful and skittish.

Ideas and questions:

There may be a natural desire to lead the kaja toward danger, but the noise does not necessarily have to come from a foe, a monster, or a creature that they may have been hunting. Perhaps at the core of the story, there is something small and insignificant that culminates into a climatic crescendo.
Perhaps the sound that the kaja hears is unnatural, and is not coming from a living being, but from some sort of mechanical or magical source.

Does this kaja fulfill the stereotypes of their people, or are they not quite as skittish as the other members of their race? What is it that makes them the way they are?
Was the kaja hunting something before they were distracted by the noise? How could their hunting play into the rest of the story?
Is the kaja in the wilderness alone, or are they part of a hunting or scouting party? When they discover what is making the noise, do they make it a point to find others they can communicate with?


Shake up your character’s senses. Writing excellent sensory detail is a huge plus to your storytelling. Explore what it is like if the kaja briefly loses one of its senses, either from a deafeningly loud noise, or a blinding light.

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